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Philadelphia DUI Lawyer

You are Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Even if you were driving under the influence, the District Attorney has to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. That is the highest standard in law. You also have a constitutional right to challenge the evidence against you. You can challenge the reason for the stop, and you can even challenge the test results. For this reason and more it is extremely important to have an experienced Phildelphia DUI Lawyer evaluate the facts of your Philadelphia DUI case.

Philadelphia DUI Lawyer | Law Offices of Ronald A. Blumfield, P.C. - 215-569-3900

What Are Your Options?

If you are first time Philadelphia DUI offender, the option for an accelerated rehabilitative disposition, or ARD, maybe an option you want to discuss with our Philadelphia DUI Lawyer.

What You Need To Do Now.

Now is the time to start preparing your defense. First, you should seek advice from our Philadelphia DUI Lawyer who has extensive defense experience.

A criminal defense attorney, with DUI experience in Philadelphia, will be able to determine what, if any, evidence should be preserved. Our Philadelphia DUI Lawyer will also be able to explain the process and help you put your mind at ease.

If you or a family member has been charged with DUI in Philadelphia then call the Law offices of Ronald A. Blumfield or email us using via the contact form above. Let us fight for your rights.